Add your appartment       

Conditions to add an apartment to Website 
  • If you own an apartment and you want to rent it for short periods, we offer the possibility to announce it in our web page
    Through our website you can get reservations from people interested in visiting your city for short stays, for tourism, working or studying reasons.

    We offer a booking system which lets you immediately know the reservations you will receive and we also provide a calendar in which you can block the dates that are not available for us. For this reason we do not ask exclusivity, you are free to work with other agencies.

    Conditions to announce your property in

    • When the apartment is uploaded on our web-site, you will constantly keep the calendar of your apartment up to date.

    Except these conditions, working with is free of charge for the owner. Our commission will be always added to the price that you establish for your apartment.

    It is important to know that we only receive reservations for short periods (days or weeks), occasionally for more than one month, and that for this reason there should be a person who can make check-ins and cleanings. We do not provide this kind of service.

    If you are interested on uploading your property, please fill this form in and we will get in contact with you shortly.